E-time screens: new advertising format from Lurity

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Each of us can imagine a more pleasant time than the time spent at the doctor's.
We prefer to spend the shortest possible time there, and the e-ticket also contributes to that.
It is a handy and effective solution not only for doctors but especially for patients and visitors to medical facilities. Now there is another target group that perceives the e-ticket as highly effective: marketers.

There was a partnership between Lurity with an e-time ticket and in January Lurity launches advertising campaigns for its clients on 490 screens throughout Slovakia.
Currently, the e-time trial in Slovakia serves 275 general practitioners, 102 pediatricians and 141 specialists, and its system survives up to 200,000 patients per month. These are very promising numbers ..

The fact that confirms that the Lurity e-time trial can be a full-fledged communication and even the only media channel is that this new medium has literally 100% viewership, as patients literally do not take their eyes off the screens all the time. What more could a media planner and advertiser want?

Sales Director of the e-ticket p. Pasierbová adds:
"Patients watch the screen all the time, because it gives them information about equipping patients with the doctors they need."

To this must be added the fact that the coverage is nationwide, because we are talking about 490 areas throughout Slovakia; in the case of billboards, it is customary to say that you need 300 pieces distributed throughout Slovakia for a nationwide campaign.

The total distribution of all screens according to the focus of doctors is currently 53% of general practitioners, 20% of pediatricians and 27% are specialists.
So the undeniable advantage is that when planning a campaign in the Lurity system, you select the coverage and outpatient clinics according to specializations through a simple filter, ie we are talking about address advertising for the target group of your choice.

In this medium, we even talk about the measurability of campaigns, as the system literally measures them through issued tickets to the number of patients.

Ad units remain 10 seconds long and run all the time, so your ad may run repeatedly, depending on your settings.

In this way, the doctor's waiting rooms become a place where, during normal waiting, you can build a relationship with the brand, increase your knowledge about it and communicate a targeted message to the target group.
And well-targeted advertising in waiting rooms can be more effective than a TV spot.

And finally, perhaps the most important thing: the Lurity system provides clients with the ability to schedule literally a few clicks, in a user-friendly environment that marketers already know. With Lurity, it's never too late to campaign, because you click it immediately and it runs in minutes. The Lurity planning system can also be handled by a junior marketer or a completely non-technical type.

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