Lurity is already at the Slovak Post, where up to 1million people a month turn up!

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Petra Sedilek the strategist

Lurity has a novelty in its offer: a network of digital screens at the Slovak Post Office, where 1 million visitors a month turn up. This number represents a huge potential for brands to increase attention or product promotion.

How exactly do we know? The measurement is simple: number of tickets issued = almost 100% service to post office visitors. The curve of the monthly average fluctuates minimally, as the services at the post office are used steadily, with less variation in the summer months. So if you want to have a consistent effect on your target group of post visitors, it is advisable to subscribe to the medium for longer periods or intermittently, depending on your media tactics.

The advertising screens are mostly placed next to the order of service screen at the counters, so the viewership has a high impact as those waiting follow the numerical order.

There are 79 screens connected in the network, you can order a selected location i.e. a specific post office or various combinations of your choice or the whole network. The great news is that these post offices are represented nationwide, which is optimal for brands with nationwide coverage.

You can self-service your campaign on our portal and it can be up and running within 20 minutes after approval.

In Lurity app, you have an overview of the campaign under your control at any time, and if you don't want to bore your potential customer with one creative for the entire campaign, you can even change the visual or video multiple times during the campaign.

You can find the full overview here on our planning portal or by contacting us at

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