How it works

Set up an advertisement
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Create an account in the online interface. Through this account you will be able to continuously monitor, manage and pay for all of your campaigns, as well as view reports on their performance.

create account

Create a campaign

Add an image or video you want to use as your ad. You can then target your campaign, for example, to a specific location where your customers are located. The system automatically calculates a price based on the selected locations and the length of your campaign. With a highly targeted campaign, you can also target specific customer groups by age, gender or location. The system also supports targeting based on the day/night cycle, weather and outdoors temperatures.


We approve your campaign

Our administrators will evaluate whether your ad’s visual or video is in compliance with our terms and conditions or in competition with our screen’s operators (e.g., an ad for a fitness center at a rival fitness center).

~ 2min.approval process

Your ads will start running

Once the campaign is approved, it will begin to be displayed at the selected locations. Your ads will be rotated with other ads submitted by other advertisers.

examples of campaings

Campaign evaluation

Not only can you monitor the results of the campaign in real time, but you can also change and edit the visuals or videos of the campaign whenever you want to.

run a campaign

Try Lurity Ad. Effective and immediate advertising

Thanks to our data, we can effectively plan your advertisement. Planning a campaign is easily done with a few clicks of a button, and your campaign can be launched in under 2 minutes. Campaign reports are available in the online interface, whenever you need them.