How it works

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You will create an account in the online interface / in the Lurity application. Through this account, you will be able to continue to monitor and manage your campaigns, check whether they are working as intended, as well as change and upload visuals or videos.

create account

Create a campaign

It's very easy: 1) enter the name of your campaign, 2) select locations according to your requirements or product focus (shopping centers, wellnesses or medical centers) or places where your customers are located, 3) set the timing of the campaign (min. 7 days), 4) upload a visual or video. Now the campaign is submitted for approval.

run a campaign

We approve your campaign

Our administrators will evaluate whether your ad’s visual or video is in compliance with our terms and conditions. We’ll also check whether it’s in competition with our screen’s operators (e.g., an ad for a fitness center at a rival fitness center).

~ 10min.approval process

Your ads will start running

Once the campaign is approved, it will begin to be displayed at the selected locations. Your ads will be rotated with other ads submitted by other advertisers.

examples of campaings

Campaign control

You can log in to your Lurity account at any time. You will see the current progress of your campaign and the status of drawing the orders you have ordered. In addition, whenever you need to update your campaign, you can change your visuals or video - as many times as you want, and completely free:)

run a campaign