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A high percentage of those who register for advertising in the digital outdoor (DOOH) and come to the store will make the purchase. The latest studies by OAAA Nielsen have proved this.

Lurity (digital multimedia screens) belongs to this new and rapidly evolving segment. It is probably not necessary to introduce the brand, many marketers already know it. At the time of the pandemic, like many other brands, it underwent a more significant modification of the product, as the restrictions directly concerned the benefit of detecting facial features and the subsequent launch of targeted advertising.

However, the development did not stop and the brand focused more on software improvements and the expansion of the interactive digital screen product to another country, the Czech Republic.

It also expanded its portfolio with cooperation with the e-time trial format, which created a highly attractive format from the media point of view for marketers with a specific target group.

Currently, Lurity - a network of multimedia digital screens (DOOH) offers +800 state-of-the-art advertising spaces in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, in 551 locations.

The offer includes 37 TOP selected shopping centers, e-time trial format, where up to 200,000 people survive monthly. Together, the entire network of Lurity screens can "dial" more than 1 million impressions a day.

In addition, clients and advertisers can reach not only shopping-hungry visitors to shopping malls, patients in the waiting rooms of doctors' clinics, but also, for example, parents through the network of Swimming Academies or enthusiasts of indoor training in fitness centers.

The great news is that not only are the high impression numbers of this digital out-of-home format excellent, but research also shows that this medium really deserves a firm place in the media mix of any major or minor campaign.

An OAAA study by Nielsen (USA, August 2020) * examined the effects of digital out-of-home on customer behavior and found that customers who intercept a message through DOOH are more likely to visit a point of sale and even make a very high percentage of purchases. *

According to the same study, DOOH carriers were found to have a strong impact on customers' shopping behavior:

  • 52% of people registered DOOH with brand promo information
  • 57% of them visited the point of sale immediately after viewing the ad
  • up to 93% of people who visited the promo site also made a purchase

So including a digital out-of-home in a campaign is simply worthwhile.

For Lurity digital screens, however, there are even more reasons to play:

  • Planning and launching runs in self-service software, which can also be handled by a junior marketer
  • The "click" of the campaign itself is only up to 7 steps
  • It will take up to 10 minutes for the campaign to run, including approval of the visual or video
  • A campaign progress report is available at any time
  • The ability to exchange visuals or videos during the campaign - no limit on the number of changes and completely free.

Plan your campaign today: