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Lurity offers its clients a new functional advertising medium, a device with the eČasenka system, which informs patients of their order in the waiting rooms of outpatient clinics.

The eČasenka time ticket system monitors the number and order of patients in front of doctors' clinics. For example, it helps healthcare professionals manage patients more easily, reduce waiting times for them and also inform them about the results of examinations via SMS. It is currently used by 275 general practitioners, 102 pediatricians and 141 specialists throughout Slovakia. 200,000 people pass through the eČasenka system every month.

Use people's focused attention for your goals

Marketers can now benefit from the practicality and popularity of the system and reach their customers directly through the screens. "Patients watch the screen all the time, because thanks to it, they receive information about the equipment waiting in front of them and their order," says Slávka Pasierbová, eČasenka's sales director.