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Earn money for ads placed
in your premises!


LURITY offers you a chance to earn money through the most advanced real world advertising platform.

Inštalácia zariadení

Máte vlastné obrazovky a chcete aby vám začali zarábať? Stačí k obrazovkám pripojiť zariadenie LurityBOX a behom pár minút budú vaše obrazovky dostupné inzerentom v reklamnej sieti LURITY Ads.

Podporíte podnikanie

Zarobené kredity môžete využiť na inzerciu v reklamnej sieti LURITY a spropagovať tým svoju firmu, alebo si ich nechať vyplatiť na účet. Je to na iba Vás.

Reklamy máte pod kontrolou

Všetky reklamy prechádzajú schvaľovacím procesom a naši administrátori dohliadajú na to, aby spĺňali prísne pravidlá inzercie.


Začnete zarábať

Získate prístup k štatistikám sledovanosti vašich reklamných obrazoviek a tiež okamžitý prehľad o zárobku.

On 1 screen, earn up to

The outcome of calculation is just visualisation. Real earning is related to views on provided screen

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lurity advertising platform?
The LURITY advertising platform is the future of advertising screens. We could compare this platform to an advertising marketplace that connects advertisers with digital landlords (in this case, you). Thanks to this platform, advertisers have an opportunity to reach out to their customers, and you have an opportunity to get a share of the profits and earn by running their ads.
Advertising screens have already been offered to us, how is your platform different?
Our advertising screens are equipped with state-of-the-art facial recognition technology that allows you to not only to evaluate your audience but also to target the ad for a selected customer group. In addition to this, we can also target ads better thanks to artificial intelligence, and thus we can automatically increase the success of your advertising campaigns. Therefore our clients have a stronger incentive to advertise with us since they know they only pay for real results. Increased interest from advertisers is reflected in greater pre-paid budgets, which means bigger advertising revenues for you.
How do i know how much i’ve made through advertising?
We make an effort to be as transparent as possible with our partners. Therefore immediately after you enter into contractual relationship with us, you will have access to your administrative account. Through our web interface, you'll be able to view your ad screen’s statistics. You can see how much viewership you have and how much you have earned over a certain period, in addition to other items.
Can i decide what advertisements will be displayed on my device?
Of course. Through the administration interface, you will be able to choose companies that could potentially compete with your business (so called blacklisted companies). Our system will automatically prevent blacklisted companies from appearing on your screens. Other advertisements are regularly checked by our team of administrators who make sure the ads comply with the LURITY Terms of Service and Advertising Policy.
Can my competition advertise on my screens?
It cannot. We thought of this undesirable situation, so we built a preventive mechanism into our interface (the so-called blacklisted categories). Through the administration interface, you will be able to choose the categories of products that are potentially competing with your business. Our system automatically prevents these blacklisted products from appearing on your screens.


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