#1 Efficiency


Lurity digital OOH (DOOH) demonstrably works and has an impact on the purchasing behavior of the target group: up to 52% of the targeted audience notices the DOOH format, of which 57% visit the shopping place, and of which up to 93% make actual purchases.

Read the full conclusion of the Nielsen survey HERE

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A massive concentration of customers in one place? We're there: in 92 locations, across 38 shopping malls, 16 clinics and hospitals, and on premium LED boards and fitness facilities. Each month, up to 5 million people visit the shopping centers where we are located!

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We have hundreds of multimedia digital screens in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Lurity is ranked 2nd in the CZ market in terms of shopping center coverage. On the SK market, our screens are also located in medical centers. And we are the only screen ad network in both countries that has a self-service Lurity app with which you can plan, launch, and control your campaign.


1. we are located in places with massive concentrations of customers

2. online campaign planning (portal.lurity.com)

3. fast campaign launches

4. the ability to specify any campaign length over 7 days

5. the option to configure campaigns in real-time - whenever you want to

6. change graphics and videos during the campaign for free, as many times as you want

7. targeting by region

8. the option of running live feed campaigns

9. online tracking of campaign progress

10. campaign reports with exact times and stats for specific screens


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Our advertising has a firm place in the media mix of large-scale corporate campaigns, but at the same time it can be afforded even by small businesses. As we are in both the CZ and SK markets, we can provide practical coverage while combining state-of-the-art digital screens and premium LED surfaces within the campaign.


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Our application and planning software for campaigns is so simple that it can be managed by a beginner media planner, a junior in marketing, or a business owner in a shopping center. An easy and logical structure, geomapping and filters will help with easy planning with a professional touch. The software has been developed by our in-house developers since 2016.


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#2 Сontrol & reports

The advantage of the self-service planning software is that you can check the progress of the campaign at any time, or change the visual or video of the current campaign as many times as you want and completely free of charge. This way, information about your ongoing campaign is accessible and completely under your control at any time. Another new feature is the ability to report your campaign in the form of screenshots, with the exact time and specific screen and a complete overview of all plays on each screen.


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#3 Immediate deployment

In the Lurity application, preparing and running a campaign is not only simple, but it’s also very fast. Planning and preparing a campaign is just a few clicks away: just log in, sign up for a campaign, set up a location, upload a visual or video, set campaign timing, transfer financial credit, and submit it. If it complies with our terms and conditions, your campaign will be approved and running within 10 minutes.