#1 Efficiency


Lurity, digital OOH (DOOH) demonstrably works and has an impact on the purchasing behavior of the target group: up to 52% of CS registers the DOOH format, of which 57% visit the shopping place and of which up to 93% make the actual purchase.

Read the full conclusion of the Nielsen survey HERE

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we are where your customers are. We are in 160 municipalities and cities, in 37 shopping centers, in 11 polyclinics, in 500 doctor's waiting rooms, on 4 premium LED boards, and 14 times in wellness and fitness. For example, the e-time trial system is used by several hundred thousand people a month. 

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We have a total of 800 multimedia digital screens in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We are 2nd on the CZ market in the number of areas in shopping centers. 1st on the SK market in the number of medical areas of multimedia areas. And unique in that, as the only screen ad network in both countries, we have a self-service Lurity app to plan, run, and control your campaign.


from our "don't take your eyes off" ad: the E-timer format has an almost 100% viewership, as visitors to waiting rooms wait to see their serial number to enter the clinic.


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Our advertising can afford small traffic, but at the same time it has a firm place in the media mix of corporate campaigns. As we are on the CZ and Sk market, we can provide practical coverage within the campaign.


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Our application / planning software for campaigns is so simple that it can be handled not only by a beginning media planner in a media agency, a junior in marketing, or a business owner in a Shopping Center. Light and logical structure, geomap and clear filters will help with easy planning with a professional effect. The software has been developed by our in-house developers since 2016.


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#2 Сontrol

The advantage of the self-service planning Lurity software is that you can check the progress of the campaign at any time to replace the visual or video of the current campaign - as many times as you want and completely free. This way, you have information about your ongoing campaign accessible and completely under control at any time.


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#3 Immediate deployment

In the Lurity application, preparing and running a campaign is not only easy, but also very fast. Planning and preparing a campaign is just a few clicks away: just sign up, sign up for a campaign, set up a location, upload a visual or video, set up campaign timing, transfer financial credit, and submit. If it complies with our terms and conditions, your campaign will be approved and running within 10 minutes.