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29 APRIL 2024

DOOH (Digital OOH) Market Analysis

Why should you have Lurity in your campaign?

Top places

We are where the most people are

Choose locations

From hundreds of DOOH in the Czech or Slovak Republic.


You plan when and how long the campaign will run.

Visual or spot?

or multiple for a campaign? Change anytime.

How we're better

OOH is the cheapest online activator

Lurity is an affinity medium, at places where your customers are. A real accelerator of purchasing behavior of the target group* (OOAs Nielsen Research)

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03 APRIL 2024

LURITY: The future of digital OOH advertising is an omnichannel marketing approach

When Tomas Tiefenbach, CEO of Lurity, founded his first digital billboard company in 2016, he had no idea that it would grow into an international DO...

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08 JANUARY 2024

Strategies, Advertising Agencies 2023

Advertising agencies 2023: What was the year 2023 like? Reklamné agentúry 2023.pdf Read the full published supplement Strategies, A...

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14 NOVEMBER 2023

Stratégie: "The future of OOH is omnichannel"

Interview with Tomas Tiefenbach, CEO of Lurity. Unaware of media trends, they say OOH is dead. But the reality is different, the OOH market is ex...

What our customers think of us

It's unbelievable what the system offers in OOH.

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Marek Lukoťka

CMO, Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko

I really appreciate the connection of the online and offline world. It is also interesting for me that we know how many and what people really saw our OOH advertising, which is quite complicated with other OOH media. At the same time, the system on which the network is built is simple, understandable, and flexible for the user.

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Radka Petricova

Media Coordinator, Orange Slovensko

The concept itself caught my attention, especially because it's a Slovak product. At Lurity, I appreciate the UI interface, which is very user-friendly and intuitive, whether setting up the first campaign or viewing individual statistics.

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Ing. Tomáš Krajčovič

Marketing & Sales Manager, PROFIT 365

The speed with which we can create an advertising campaign and get it among the target group of our readers, adjust it on the go thanks to real-time feedback with the ability to plan the budget literally by the hour, brings an unprecedented dose of action and flexibility to the world of OOH advertising.

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Milan Brčák

Editor in Chief, MIAU

The Lurity system indeed has intuitive and simple controls. Setting up and subsequently launching the campaign was really very quick, which I appreciate. Last but not least, it's necessary to highlight the possibility of targeting a key segment of customers, or the measurability of individual campaigns. We look forward to further cooperation.

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Dávid Paučin

CEO, Justin Paukin

The Lurity concept thrilled us because the campaign Eva Charity Bazaar in connection with this platform was exclusive and unique. We very much appreciate the measurability and thus the information we can utilize in the future about our target group. It's different, it's fresh, and we like the team of talented young people standing behind Lurity. We will definitely continue in cooperation.

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Mária Mičková

Project Manager, EVA

The Lurity system is for everyone who swears by offline but believes that implementation can be more sophisticated than we are used to. I appreciate the possibility of immediate campaign launch, essentially within a few hours, without the need for reservation and waiting for pasting. The biggest benefit for me is that by using the platform, you reduce the negative impact of the campaign on the environment, since everything happens electronically without the need for printing.

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Katarína Bilská

Marketing Manager, Predpredaj SK

I consider LURITY to be the future of marketing, which combines the advantages of online marketing and real-world advertising. That's also why I decided to sell BUBO trips through this platform.

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Pavel Fellner

Co-owner, CK BUBO

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