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Choose where and how intensely you want to reach your customers. With us, you're actually renting.

We'll deliver according to your order.

We combine visual and dynamic benefits of the image with the advantage of digital rental purchase. Replace regular billboards with flexible digital OOH and control your campaign yourself.

Step Ahead Background

Strengthof the media deployment is set by you in the application according to the intensity requirement of the campaign

Placeof the campaign's run is chosen from several hundred digital screens from the CR or SR according to location (country, city, specific shopping center or other location), type of screen, screen placement, and other parameters

Timeof deployment is also up to you: choose exactly when to launch the campaign and how many weeks the target group will perceive your campaign

Visual / Spotthe choice is again yours: use your 10 seconds of airtime at your own discretion. Whether it's a visual or a video in those 10 seconds is your decision

We'll realize your decision at the desired time, on the screens you choose, and multiply by the desired strength.

SUPPORT this is solely up to us and our team: when you need advice, we have the experience, data, and overview. We are happy to use them to your advantage.

  • Is 10 seconds enough time to capture the attention of a moving customer?
  • Static or dynamic background?
  • Where can I find my potential customers / target group?
  • We can provide a well-founded answer to many questions

Did you know?

52% of the target group notices the DDOH (digital OOH) format like Lurity, of which 57% visit the shopping place and of that up to 93% actually make a purchase?

The latest OAAA Nielsen studies prove: out-of-home creates high target group engagement!

18 MARCH 2021

The latest OAAA Nielsen studies prove: out-of-home creates high target group engagement!

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Step Ahead Background