5 reasons to invest in Lurity digital advertising.

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The Lurity advertising format has been on the marketing market for a long time and has become known to marketers as a network of digital screens. However, Lurity has many more benefits and deserves a firm place in the media mix of campaigns.

Why should marketers, media agencies and clients invest more than just a small% of their planned media budget in this smart and intelligent medium in their campaigns? Here is an overview of the top 5 benefits:

  1. EFFICIENCY: The first indisputable advantage lies in the intelligence and efficiency of this medium. The system has historically read anonymous data about the target group, which moves around the screens. Information such as gender and age is key to product campaigning, so this planning is targeted and effective.

In addition, the network of Lurity screens is concentrated primarily in places where there are greedy target groups with the greatest business potential, in shopping centers. There is also a network of polyclinics, waiting rooms, fitness centers and swimming pools for mothers with children. The optimal combination of different locations then also increases the effective intervention of your target group.

2. ABSOLUTE SIMPLICITY of campaign planning and management is a great advantage of the media. Literally anyone (even difficult non-technical can handle it) can open an "account" in the planning software Lurity and set up a campaign in clear software in a few clicks: locations and cities, choose a shopping center or network of fitness centers or clinics, set the length of the campaign, upload a visual , send credit to the campaign by cashless payment and it's done. 

More: https://admin.lurity.com/registration/?lang=sk 

3. QUICK DEPLOYMENT. The system is designed so that you can "click" the campaign in 10 clicks and in a few minutes. After uploading your visual, the only wait is for it to be approved.

Within 30 minutes your campaign is running.

4. CHANGE OF VISUAL AT ANY TIME. A great benefit is the flexibility of the visuals and videos: you can change the visuals of your campaign for free and any amount during the running campaign. Videos are also preferred by clients because they are a great way to increase audience attention.

5. LIVE FEED: Lurity offers the possibility of a live content, ie the transmission of online information directly from your website or trading system. If you are an entrepreneur and your website really relies on up-to-date information, such as a travel agency with last minute offers or ever-changing sales offers, this is the ideal medium for you to reach a potential customer immediately.

more about live feed:  https://www.lurity.com/blog/life-feed-reklamna-kampan-ck-daka

From the point of view of efficiency, Lurity is therefore a great format not only for separate targeted local campaigns, but should also be a very common part of the media mix and more complex campaigns.

Its maximum practicality lies in efficiency and quick deployment for special offers of all brands, which need to be on air literally immediately.

your campaig try here: https://admin.lurity.com/registration/?la ng=sk

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