Choose where and how intensively you want to reach your customers.

You shop with us for impressions.

We deliver the impressions according to your order. You pay for these exactly.

Lurity combines the visual benefits of a large multimedia screen with the benefits of digital impression.

POWER: you set the POWER of media deployment in the application yourself according to the requirements for the intensity of the campaign. more

  • the unit of strength is the number of impressions / plays of the campaign, with a spot length of 10 seconds
  • the number of impressions / plays is set as 1/10 of the transmission capacity of the selected screen or location
  • one impression / play is one 10 second display of your ad on our screen

LOCATION: you can run a campaign from several hundred areas from the Czech Republic or Slovakia, either by location (country, city, specifically OC or other location), screen type, screen location and other parameters. more

  • one location and one price enable even and repeated addressing e.g. all customers in the mall, no matter where they move
  • type of location - choose whether you want to address customers in the waiting rooms of ambulances, in fitness centers, wellness, swimming pools, in shopping centers, or outside in the squares and combine it exactly according to your needs
  • outdoor / indoor - choose whether you want to address the client indoors or outdoors
  • geo-targeting - target around your area of ​​interest with different types of areas and screens

TIME: deployment time is up to you: choose exactly when you run your campaign and how many weeks your audience will perceive your campaign more

  • choose any day of the week and run a campaign: today, tomorrow, or even 3 months
  • choose the number of weeks
  • make full and effective use of your 10 seconds, your time to reach customers

VISUAL / VIDEO: the choice is yours again: use your 10 seconds of airtime at your discretion. 10 sec static visual or video? It's up to you more

  • do you use a still image or video? the choice is yours
  • if you want to use several visuals or videos during the campaign, we'll handle it
  • has anything changed? Do I need to replace the visual / video? we will make it possible for you, whenever and as often as you need - completely free and especially immediately (online)

We will implement your decision in the required time, on the areas selected by you and multiply by the required force.

SUPPORT: this is the only one for us and our team: when you need advice, we have experience, data, an overview. We will be happy to use them to your advantage. more

  • is 10 sec. enough time to engage the customer on the move?
  • static or dynamic?
  • where can I find my potential customers / target group?
  • we can give a well-founded answer to many questions


52% of people in the target group will notice the DOOH (digital OOH) format of the Lurity type, of which 57% will visit the shopping place and of which up to 93% will actually make the purchase? 

PRead the full conclusion from OAAA's Nielsen Research, DOOH: