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advertising network of 900 multimedia digital screens in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. Highly effective, in the busiest places and with planning software, thanks to which you will start your campaign almost immediately. Whenever you check it, you'll change the visual / video of your campaign.
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What makes us better than conventional OOH?
Highly effective OOH
Lurity is an affinity medium, in places where your customers are. the real trigger for the buying behavior of the target group * (OAAA's Nielsen Research).
Only with self-service planning software
plan your campaign yourself and easily in a few steps: campaign name, site selection, campaign timing, visual or video upload. campaign in 7 steps.
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The only one with the deployment of the ASAP campaign
if everything is ok, within 10 minutes your campaign is running. in addition, you can check the status of your campaign and its execution at any time.
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