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Those who have the determination and ability to look for opportunities can develop their business and, if necessary, steer the rudder into unexplored waters.

Sometimes ideas are created literally from evening to morning, sometimes the original idea is modified and over time a product is created that reflects the needs of the market. This is often a product that is so innovative that it is ahead of its time.

This was the case at the beginning with Lurity, the first project of Tomáš Tiefenbach, who worked with artificial intelligence as early as 2015 and had the ambition to make it easier for fashion brand customers to buy fashion by specifically offering them a combination of clothing based on age, gender, emotion and outfit analysis. which would suit them. "However, the cost of digitizing the fashion collection was disproportionately high at the time, so we abandoned the idea of ​​'digital interpretation'," says Tiefenbach. 

From fashion to advertising platform

In addition, Lurity has developed reliable software for audience analysis. He thus created the idea of ​​building an advertising platform that would combine the appeal of outdoor and at the same time the accuracy, measurability and fairness of digital advertising, where you only pay for the vision.