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Marketing&Media, Pavel Hejkrlík 19. 7. 2021

The Slovak company Lurity, which operates digital OOH areas, plans to significantly strengthen its activities on the Czech market.

Lurity is the industry leader in the Slovak market, where it currently operates over 800 screens in 551 locations, such as shopping centers, medical facilities, sports and relaxation centers or also on LED boards. Now the company is actively expanding its areas in the Czech Republic. It currently has 63 areas in 12 cities. In further development, it will focus mainly on shopping and health centers. "In Slovakia today, we have an extensive network, which is highly praised by advertisers. We have only recently started in the Czech Republic, however, we know that this country is progressive in the field of advertising. That is why we want to offer local companies the opportunity to use new advertising media types for their campaigns, ”says Tomáš Tiefenbach, Director of Lurity. Lurity has designed its advertising network and purchasing software so that they can be used by smaller businesses and corporations or their media agencies. For example, small business operators can target potential customers with DOOH advertising. Larger companies, on the other hand, can include DOOH in their media mix as part of their campaigns.

"Thanks to our self-service application, almost anyone can handle advertising, even a junior person in the marketing department. Control is not complicated, just go through seven simple steps. After that, the advertisement is approved by us, which usually takes 10 minutes, ”explains Tomáš Tiefenbach. On digital panels from Lurity, advertisers can use both static advertising in the form of images and dynamic, ie video advertising. The basic and most recommended format is a 10-second video. But videos can be longer. "We know from our data that the 10-second video format is the most effective. People who watch advertising in public are often on the move, so it's a good idea to get the message out as quickly as possible. On the contrary, a dynamic format attracts people more than a static image, ”adds the director of Lurity. Multimedia panels generate great interest from people. According to a study by OAAA Nielsen (August 2020), 52 percent of passers-by register for DOOH format, with 57 percent of them visiting a shopping place. The purchase will then actually be made by 93% of these visitors. Advertisers can track campaign results through Lurity as they run.