• "I have used the advertising campaign in LURITY only once so far and I was satisfied. Despite the low investment, it brought me several customers. It is an interesting form for presentation and therefore I will use it again."

    PhDr. Zuzana Almáši Koreňová, CEO, SueArt design, s.r.o.
  • "I was fascinated by the concept itself and especially the fact that it is a Slovak product. At Lurity, I appreciate the UI interface itself, which is very friendly and intuitive, whether when setting up the first campaign or viewing individual statistics."

    Ing. Tomáš Krajčovič, Marketing & Sales Manager
  • "Unbelievable what the system in OOH offers."

    Marek Lukoťka, CMO
  • "We're impressed with the simplicity and intuitiveness of setting up campaigns. The campaign can be launched in minutes. It provides a number of options, such as targeting by age, gender, weather, or specific times when we want your ad to run."

    Silvia Rosenberger
  • "I appreciate the very simple user manual and at the same time the possibility of specific targeting of a key group of clients. The cooperation with LURITY is also very flexible and pleasant."

    Vladimíra Magová, CEO, Merito Bratislava
  • "The Lurity system is intuitively and easy to use. The campaign was set up and subsequently launched very quickly, which I appreciate. Last but not least, the possibility of targeting a key customer segment or the measurability of individual campaigns should be highlighted. We look forward to further cooperation."

    Dávid Paučin, CEO Justin Paukin
  • "We appreciate the ability to use multiple banners and videos at once in one campaign. Since we only pay for our ad impressions, it's very fair for us not to pay extra for the video and we can give our customers more information. We also appreciate vision statistics because we know real how many customers were contacted, how long the advertisement lasted, what categories of people are interested in the product, last but not least, it is simple and logical management: time, day, location, etc. Since we are in Bratislava for the first year with our attraction, it is important for us Reach as many people as possible. So we definitely support a new ad system like Lurity. "

    Jozef Hloben, Owner
  • "In the world of advanced technologies and the time when the classic OOH campaigns are absolutely abandoned, I really appreciate the Lurity project - On-line areas located in shopping malls. In a clear online approach, you manage your campaign at any time and set it according to your most suitable requirements. you will get not only a complete overview of your invested funds but also a detailed analysis of the intervention of your potential clients."

    Martina Košková, TREND & Conference Marketing Manager
  • "The great thing about LURITY is that it allows for different setup variations and payment for advertising directly through the web. We see it as user-friendly and we will definitely use it for a long time."

    Soňa Valachovičová, Marketing Manager
  • "The intuitiveness of the administrative interface in combination with its own AI for advertising targeting, accurate reporting of affected potential customers makes Lurity an absolute winner on the Slovak market. Flexibility and quick responses from people only enhance the overall impression of this experience."

    Peter Bešina
  • "The Lurity system is for all those who can't afford it offline, but believe that the implementation can be more sophisticated than we are used to. I appreciate the possibility of launching the campaign immediately, basically within a few hours, without having to book and wait for the sticker. The biggest benefit for me is that by using the platform, you are reducing the negative impact of the campaign on the environment, as everything is done electronically without the need for printing. "

    Katarína Bilská, Marketing Manager
  • "We were thrilled by the Lurity concept because the Eva Charity Bazaar campaign in conjunction with this platform was exclusive and unique. We really appreciate the measurability and therefore the information we can use about our target group in the future. It's different, it's fresh and we like it a team of skilled young people behind Lurity. We will definitely continue to work together. "

    Mária Mičková, Project Manager
  • "Setting up a campaign in LURITY took less time than in any other advertising system. The visual was on the screens almost immediately. We received evaluated information about the target group we could focus on precisely. We only pay for the views of our potential customers."

    Tomáš Sokol, Client Service Director
  • "The speed with which we can create an advertising campaign and reach it among the target group of our readers, correct it on the fly thanks to real-time feedback with the ability to plan a budget literally in hours, brings an unprecedented dose of action and flexibility to the world of OOH advertising."

    Milan Brčák, Editor in Chief, MIAU
  • "I consider LURITY to be the future of marketing, which combines the benefits of online marketing and real-world advertising. That's why I decided to sell BUBO tours through this platform."

    Pavel Fellner, Co-owner CK BUBO