Christmas is here and sales are hardening: brands are targeting communications to their audiences where and when they need them

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Brands and advertisers are in full swing in communicating the Christmas offer. Specialty retail is a master of targeted communications and is taking into account a number of consumer trends in preparation for the busy Christmas season: from spending cuts and pressure to consume in a climate of economic uncertainty, to dealing with looming supply chain issues, to the continued online boom.

Supermedium named DOOH (digital out-of-home)

Thanks to the possibilities of quick activation of this flexible medium and its targeted audience, DOOH is attractive not only for retailers who can function perfectly in a constantly changing environment and at the same time permanently compete for market share. It is for all those who want to communicate in a modern and effective way.

Flexibility in an ever-changing market

One of the main advantages of DOOH for marketers is the ability to change the campaign at short notice and also activate it on selected days (weeks) depending on where and when it will have the strongest impact. Brands can rotate their creative (visuals, videos) throughout campaigns based on sales trends, or change the messages in ads as needed. The need for agile media planning has never been more important. DOOH provides the ability to flexibly plan and adjust the media mix as supply changes over time.

With this level of flexibility, an OC store, for example, can operationally launch a campaign that directs customers directly to their nearest store, promote time-sensitive offers as they evolve, and even highlight the countdown to key holidays to create a sense of urgency, all while having the ability to customize (messaging, visuals, additional media planning) the campaign based on internal changes and priorities.

Live feed - a great DOOH tool for changing offers, promotions, catalogue offers, media and sales

Thus, DOOH not only provides the ability to display changing and customized creative messaging to the masses to increase brand awareness, but it allows you to target your visitors to literally interact with your changing offerings online.

Imagine, for example, that it's Black Friday or Cyber Monday and you as a retailer need to promote sale products that are constantly changing in status. You have a great medium at your disposal that, through a live feed, provides the ability to stream your offer online to the DOOH screens in the mall directly to a shopper's target audience.

With a live feed, you activate your target audience right where they are, with exactly the messages you need to tell them and at the time the target audience prefers to make purchasing decisions.

When it comes to DOOH, there are myriad types of places where your target audience hangs out, so brands can reach consumers throughout their day where and when they are most likely to be - on their way to/from work, while strolling through high-traffic malls, at the gas pump, at the finess, or at the spa.

Due to the flexibility of this medium, there are a number of interesting strategic activation tactics that brands are using to drive results through OOH. For example, brands can turn on DOOH media promoting deals on its new winter product line when temperatures drop in certain markets, etc.

Overall, the targeting opportunities with DOOH are a decent jackpot, as this medium allows brands to work seamlessly with today's changing consumer trends and preferences, while at the same time using their campaigns in a very targeted way to maximize reach and therefore results. The future bodes well for this medium:)

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