New research from GroupM: Digital OOH advertising works in promoting immediate consumer action. DOOH is top in perception of brand innovation, brand experience and creativity (5/22)

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New York (May 4, 2022) - GroupM, WPP's media investment group, announced the results of the Sightline Global Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) survey on current perceptions of digital OOH advertising.

According to 50% of survey participants, the DOOH directly guided them to make a purchase, and 75% of respondents report that the ad prompted them to search for more information online.

The survey results found that consumers around the world find DOOH campaigns to be innovative, compelling and highly actionable, indicating that they will continue to play an important and unique role in advertisers' media strategies.

A new study conducted by Kantar surveyed the views of 11,000 respondents in 11 major global markets on a variety of advertising channels, including DOOH, to assess how this fast-growing form of advertising is perceived compared to other online and offline formats. Among the findings are that DOOH campaigns appear to be a strong accelerator of direct action by consumers; half of participants say DOOH has encouraged them to make a purchase, and two-thirds of respondents say the ads have prompted them to seek more information online.

According to respondents who have seen DOOH ads in the last month, DOOH is the most innovative format (28%) and, after "cinema format," they also consider DOOH to be the "most creative" format. The same number of respondents who have seen TV, radio and DOOH commercials (37%) also reported that DOOH often has commercials that are "entertaining."

The findings say that DOOH became part of the consumer experience (brand experience) by making advertising directly part of the local concept, and 63% said it made their trips more attractive. More than 77% of those who have seen DOOH ads say they find DOOH ads more informative and 50% associate them with their favorite social media.

The survey was commissioned by Sightline (a joint venture between GroupM sister companies Xaxis and Kinetic) to find out more about how consumers in global markets perceive DOOH and to provide new insights into the role they could play in advertisers' media plans.

"DOOH is a very important tool that can be used to achieve a marketer's goal. It's exciting to see how consumers are responding to the potential for creativity and innovation in DOOH. Long term, it's a media channel that has the potential to create engaging experiences and also increase brand value and influence.

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and interactivity in DOOH create unique opportunities. Interactive elements (e.g. QR code) allow brands to drive consumers directly to a website, to make a purchase or to get more information, making them invaluable as conversion opportunities," said A. Davies, global practice lead for digital OOH sponsor, Xaxis.

Details of the survey are provided in the research report "The DOOH difference: global consumer attitudes towards DOOH and its unique potential for advertisers", which is available at


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